New Beginnings

New Year New Beginnings

I have been contemplating starting this blog for about a year and a half now and never really thought I would ever get round to it. So many people are starting blogs, so many people are choosing to forge a career in blogging and other social media outlets, so many people are making money from blogging and everything that it entails. Is that what I want? Not really.

For me, blogging is more of a personal outlet, a way of expressing who I am in a constructive and positive way, a way of reflecting on my likes and loves and my thoughts, feelings and opinions. It also helps that I am an avid blog reader, vlog watcher and a massive beauty enthusiast. I had never read a blog or actively watched a YouTube video (that wasn’t a music video) before the summer of 2012, the year that will forever be etched in my brain (for not the nicest of reasons).

A couple of beauty reviews (‘The Real Housewives’ Gretchen Rossi’s cosmetic line), ‘how to’ videos (winged eyeliner) and make up tutorials (Mario Dedivanovic on Kim Kardashian) and I was well and truly hooked. The past few months hadn’t been the greatest and I needed a hobby or to find something I loved and was interested in to bring me back to life. It sounds so clichéd but YouTube and the corresponding beauty blogs pretty much saved me from losing my mind.

From then on, I toyed with the idea of starting my own, thinking of how fun it would be to document all the things that I love. The past few years have become a journey of self discovery (or re-discovery) after plodding along since the illusive disaster that was 2012. 2015 was the year that I had my ‘epiphany’ as I like to call it and even though I will try to keep some of the conventional resolutions that nobody ever keeps (lose weight, give up drinking, go to the gym more, save money) first and foremost, I would just like to make these promises to myself: LIVE FOR THE MOMENT AND LIVE THE LIFE I’VE ALWAYS IMAGINED, while documenting the lovely moments that are going to happen in life one day at a time.

So that’s what I am going to do…

Love Dani x